Shop With SCRIP

Shop With SCRIP



Assumption Code: DED86DCF27629

How to Register

Create a ShopWithScrip account online.
– click the ‘Register’ button at the top of the page
– click ‘Join a Program’
– enter the Assumption Code: DED86DCF27629
(This code allows the ShopWithScrip system to link your account activity with Assumption.)
– Fill in all the required information
– click ‘Register’

How to Manage Your Account

Use the Dashboard to manage your account.
– click the ‘Dashboard’ button at the top of the page
– check your account activity
– change your profile and password
– add, remove and modify organizations you belong to
– read coordinator announcements
– run account history reports

3 Easy Ways to Use Your SCRIP Account

Shop Tab: Looking for a gift? Not sure what’s available?
Click ‘Shop’ at the top of the page and use this feature to sort products and browse by category, card type or rebate percentage.
Express Order: Know exactly what you want?
Quickly add the items to your cart using this feature.
Shopping Lists: Order the same products each week?
Add these items to a shopping list for easy ordering; then set reminders so you get an email when it’s time to place another order.