Palm Sunday of Our Lord’s Passion –

Palm Sunday of Our Lord’s Passion

Palm Sunday is the sixth and final Sunday of Lent. It is sometimes called “Passion Sunday” because it marks the beginning of Holy Week.

The first reading today tells the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem in triumph. the second reading tells the story of the Passion and death of the Lord.

Holy Week is the most sacred time of year for Catholics. It’s important to keep the “holy” in Holy Week. And we are particularly busy this week with many secular activities. In order to keep it holy, we need to plan and make an effort to keep “holy” as a priority.

Let us set aside time every day this week for quiet prayer, Scripture reading, and meditation, offering up any pain or difficulty to unite our sufferings with the pain of Christ.

Let us make a point to participate in Holy Thursday’s Last Supper Mass.
Let us make a special effort on Good Friday to let go of resentments and forgive those who have hurt us.
On Holy Saturday, let us turn inward for awhile. Stop the noise. Be silent. Be present with the Lord.

It will be a great temptation to scrimp on our spiritual needs during this season because there will be so much going on. Let’s not.

May our Easter celebration be perfect and spiritually rich with joy.