5th Sunday of Lent: The Darkest Moments –

The Darkest Moments

In today’s Gospel, a friend of Jesus is dying, and Jesus purposely waits before going to him in Bethany.

By the time Jesus arrrives, Lazarus has died, and his two sisters are distraught. If Jesus had come at once, he could have healed their brother!

Both women profess their faith in Jesus as Lord and their belief that they will be reunited with their brother in eternity, but they are grieving deeply. The painful question that hangs in the balance is:

Why did Jesus allow this bad thing to happen to Lazarus?

Jesus answers this question earlier in the passage when he said this was all part of a plan to reveal God’s glory.

The story of Lazarus is a precursor to what will happen next week when God allows Jesus to die on the cross and then raises Jesus from the dead. What seems to be a terrible tragedy will be transformed into the greatest miracle of all time.

As people of faith, we understand that even in the darkest moments of our lives there is a promise if new life, new hope, new energy, and new possibilities.