3rd Sunday of Lent: The Encounter –

The Encounter

Today’s Gospel shows us a different kind of encounter with Jesus. Unlike last week’s story of Nicodemus, who sought out Jesus, or the disciples who accompanied Jesus to the mountaintop, the woman in today’s reading meets Jesus by accident when she goes to the well to get water.

At first she is shocked that Jesus would even speak to her.
But, as their conversation progresses, the woman wants the living water that Jesus tells her about.

When Jesus reveals everything about her past, she recognizes that he is no ordinary human being.
When he tells her that he is the Messiah, she runs back to the town and encourages other people to meet Jesus.

This woman’s encounter with Jesus not only changed her life, but it changed the lives of others.

She accomplished this simply by sharing her story.
We are also called to share out faith stories.

Can we identify how we each encounter Jesus in our lives?
He’s there challenging us every day, calling us to love every day, blessing us every day.

How many lives would be changed if we had the courage to tell our stories and invite others to encounter Christ?